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My Thornhill Craigslist finds


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Wow what a find....I got this for $150 (and a good hour and a half drive each way)


Here's the front...it has sidings but I'm going to remove that and do paperclay stonework. The window upstairs does not have the two center pieces, but I think I'll do a stain glass window there. I also have to put the door in. (The other light near the door was in the attic so that has to be put back in)


This is some of the furniture....I have plans for this dollhouse so alot of its not staying. (The wooden bed has already been claimed by the Magnolia)


A couple of wire wicker stuff....I'm selling all of it as I've never cared for wire wicker. (and I could well imagine my children breaking it)


My kids playing with the dollhouse...you can see the metal bed and other furniture in the attic...and some furniture on the second floor. There's also a Christmas tree and presents in the side room.


Here's another find in the dollhouse attic....this one is getting sold. (I don't even think they make it anymore)


this is another set I am selling...I'm not sure what to ask for it because I couldnt find this set anywhere. 

Overall I'd say I got a good deal ;) I still have to finish using tape wire in the house...but she gave me the rest of the kit....I havent attached the transformer too. (So I havent tested the chandalier in the front hall)

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