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My first scratch-built


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Until I get a digital camera (probably this weekend) the pics in my new album will have to do. In 1998 I did about 6 months of research on medieval castles before buying several thousand Housewares bricks (eventually 20,000) and started to build a castle gate portion of a castle curtain wall. Like some of my other projects I'm considering, it was ambitious and was meant to be one of 12 sections. I even had plans for the interior of the castle keep, but it would have been too large, expensive and time consuming. The gate is 34" high and 2'X2' at the base. I'm not sure what scale it falls under. It was built to the same scale as some table top game figurines my brother would play with. They're 28 mm high, so I'm thinking maybe 1/48 or 1/72 scale? I've actually rented out the gate for gamers to use in their games for a small fee. It has part of a stable and squires quarters on the inside wall. It also had double hung wooden doors with a baracade bar, but kids broke them off at a medieval fair last year. I will re-hang the doors soon, and eventually fill the moat with "water" (tinted epoxy and lily pads) when I can find a way to keep it within the 2' base and not spill out the sides.


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I just love castles! I'm space challenged, so I've never thought of tackling a castle, except maybe a room or two.

Your so talented.

The highest compliment one costumer can give another upon seeing a fine piece is "I hate you!"

Jeremy, I hate you!


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