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Final assembly advice


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Hi all!

I'm having a blast bashing and building my Fairfield! I started out dry fitting and using foam board and blue "painters" tape to model my modifications, then I basically took the entire thing apart and I'm about half way through my second round of dry fitting, replacing the foam board with wood (mostly balsa, some basswood for the base and deck). I basically cut the house in half and added about 3 inches down the middle, plus a deck around the front and an extension in the back. This gives me a large Victorian style entrance hall (in my story line, the house was probably built around 1890-1895-ish, but the current year is 1910).

I replaced the stairs and moved them to the left of the entrance so you can see the rail/banister. I also made it so that the bay window area in what is supposed to be the kitchen is now a library/office/smoking room. The kitchen is between that room and the dining room, extending out a bit into the back. I'll take pictures and post them soon.

Anyhow, once I'm satisfied with the fit of the wood peices, my plan is to unassemble it one section at a time, removing each peice, making sure the sanding is smooth, then paint with primer (kilz water based, hope that will work well - I may test on a few samples first), and rechecking the fit before taking off the next section to do the same. At that point I should have all of the peices sanded, primed, and ready for final assembly. This is where I'm a bit perplexed. :o

I've read that when electrifying, you need to glue first, electrify, then do the wallpaper, flooring, and ceilings (which makes sense as you have to hide the electric tape stuff under the decor).

I've also read that in areas where you won't be able to reach, you should do the wallpaper, floor, and ceilings before/during assembly.

I've also read that if you are going to do exterior siding, it's easier to do this before/during assembly as it's harder to cut the peices to exact fit after assembly.

I've also read that it's important to do interior window and door trim before final assembly b/c it's hard to reach/get it straight after assembly.

Obviously some of these statements contradict each other. I know everyone does things differently, but I could use some advice on how you go about this. Here are some of my thoughts:

I'm thinking maybe what I'll have to do is to cut & fit the siding, wallpaper, flooring, ceiling material, and trim before glueing. (But that means picking all my decor before assembly. That's going to be tough for me....)

Then assemble the first floor, glueing as I go (watching instructions for where to not glue, etc)

Then run and test the wiring for the first floor

Then glue in the wallpaper, flooring, ceiling material, and trim in hard to reach places before moving up to the second floor

repeat for each floor....

Any tips, advice, warnings about what not to do? IS it smart/not so smart to glue flooring and wallpaper in place before I've finished running and testing the electrical, as long as I've tested the section I'm covering? Is it okay to run the electrical tape under walls before glueing the wall in place? Seems like that would make it hard to fix if something went wrong with the electrical system, but if not then I'm not sure how to get the tape into some areas....




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You run the tape for ceiling lights on the floor above, so don't install flooring before that. You run tape across the floor and up the wall for interior walls (cuts down on spackling over the wire running it around the walls. If you need to wallpaper an area hard to reach after construction before installing - run the wire where it needs to be and leave a 'tail' to splice into the rest of the run later.

You sound like you have it pretty well figured out.

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