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Patterns for Parquet floors?


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I need some patterns for Parquet floors mainly medallions but I will take designs too, i kinda want fantasy medallions but any will do Basically I am not picky.

P.S. No catchy title I am saving that for when I finish it. :idiot:

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Oh booo, I just typed some info out and pressed the wrong button and it deleted it!

Here is some info on actually laying a real parquet floor with inlays

Here are some pictures of medallions you could save, resize and print

Here are some ideas for borders

And here are some ideas for parquet

And I just found a link with lots of patterns, so I'll try and put them in a gallery and put a link here when i've done it.

Looking forward to your creation Corwin! :idiot:

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Ok, I've uploaded the patterns. They were created using the TurboCAD program I think. Don't want to claim credit for them though, I just found them :idiot:

It wouldn't let me upload the bigger bitmap files, so had to save them to jpeg. If you want to edit the files then you might want the bitmap version (less fuzzyness along the lines), in which case pm me your email address along with the picture name and i'll send them to you.

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