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Question for Beacon Hill Builders

Alleys Dollhouse

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I am building a "Heritage" as well as "Alley's Mansion(BHx2)", and had already decided that the mansion would see asphalt shingle. Now, I have all the shingles that came with the BH up for grabs and decided that they would be perfect shingles to use upside down to get the cedar shake effect I wanted on the Heritage. The only problem is that as I am progressing in the roofing I now know that there aren't enough shingles to do the whole thing. I have looked at many types and styles of shingles available at the local crafts stores and they just won't match.

If anyone has the original BH shingles laying around with no home I would be interested in buying/trading for them..

Please feel free to pm me, and mods, if this is in the wrong section I apologize and feel free to move the post.

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Thanks for thelink and the quick help, I see them, don't know how I didn't before.

BTW, I am really liking the cedar shake look I have going so far on the roof, has anyone ever done or seen a cedar shake sided house?

I had a brief thought about doing that for the garfield but when i thought about all the work, i pushed that thought out of my head...lol...

i have put some on the side of a house before, my westville. i like the way it looked so someday i'll do a small house completely up that way. i'd love to see a BH done up!

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