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wallpaper probs- what am I doing wrong?


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I thought I had this right, but clearly I'm missing a step somewhere.

I made a template out of cardstock for my wallpaper. Then, using wheat wallpaper paste, pasted the wallpaper's back side (real life wallpaper) and stuck it down onto the cardstock and flattened it under some books. When it felt dry, I removed the books only to find it curled up and bubbly 10 mins later before I could even put it on my roombox walls.

??????? :)


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I used the past to light card method for wall paper made for miniatures or printies but I use a glue stick or for fabric wonderunder to attach it to the card. When I build houses for others I recommend this method because it makes redecorating easier.

Wheat paste takes a long time to dry. Are you using coated paper? Paper for full sized houses is often coated to be cleanable, it can take several days to dry. Putting it under weights might make it even slower but the paper will shrink as it dries it usually flattens as it dries.

Real wall paper also need to be books. Folder paste to paste to allow the paper and the paste to moisten evenly. I usually leave it for 10-20 minutes.

Not to do with your problem but I good thing any way. Make an extra light card template for each room and label them. Attach a large envelope to the underside of the house and store there for redecorating. This is a good place to keep the building plans, dimensions of the window and door openings and other things about the house too.

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Thanks AggieMae for your advice and information! Yes, my wallpaper is coated. And I was putting it under some books and on top of a plastic (?) bathroom countertop to dry, which kept it from drying quickly. I may experiment with the glue stick, too. I'm impatient about this project, what can I say!!

Good idea to keep the templates with the house!

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