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Edmonton Show 08


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Well Sorry I am so late at this I have been busy rearranging my work room and relabeling my stuff I still Have to sort out the minis I got at the show, I got plenty but I spent around 150 cad I think i did ok It was after a cruise and between checks. My big splurges included a leather apron a ginger bread house and a murphy bed all around twenty dolls each. Every thing else was under ten! My display did not win but. . . I had FUN! I got to meet margret and see misseymew, Nice gals. Now. . . Can you guys help me I need to find another window like the big one in a bagie in the picture It has a top like a yourketown window as well Can you guys tell me what is that brown table thingie is I paid twenty five cents for it, ;)



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The brown thing looks like a baptisimal font! LOL Building a church Corwin? Need nuns? LOL

Buddy is adorable! I think he deserves big hugs for being so patient. All of your things look wonderful. I think I have a yorktown window, but I'll have to go and look - later.

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