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I got it!! I got it!!

Lubbock TX Chick

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Earlier today I posted in the Ebay/Craiglist thread about a house that was up for $150. Well, now it's mine. My hubby found it, emailed me the listing at work, and after a couple rounds of "Should-I-or-shouldn't-I," I decided to go for it. I've learned from seeing others hesitate and lose out. The very nice gentleman who sold it to me also threw in some flooring and a few pieces of furniture. I just posted a few pics in my album.

Whoever built it did a very nice job on it. It needs to be cleaned up a bit, and the flooring needs to be replaced, but other than that it needs very little TLC.

Can't wait to display some of my furniture in it!

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Thanks to all for the congrats. Yes, I know I have a wonderful hubby; he's the greatest, but he's getting a big head from reading this thread, lol. :flowers:

Anna, a special thanks to you for encouraging me to get this beautiful house!

Miss White, I think I will keep the existing exterior colors for now, but I do want to work on the interior a bit. That will be a challenge though, so I'm sure I'll be posting pleas for help and advice.

Hugs all around!


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