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5-FU along with Oxaliplatin.


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Hey Everyone,

I am getting ready to start chemo again!! UGH my prognosis is still very good. This is just for preventative messures.

I will be taking 8 treatments over the course of 4 months. 3 days a week every other week.

I start Wendesday. They will be using 5-FU along with Oxaliplatin.

Has anyone been on this chemo and if so what kind of side effects did you have and how did you handle them???

You don't have to sugar coat stuff but please no Horror Stories I couldn't handle that.



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I have not been on it, but used to schedule patients for it when I worked in a oncology clinic. What info you looking for??

I don't remember Oxaliplatin, but Carboplatin. I know they have added many new wonderful drugs since I left.

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