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mini-pond question


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I have a small glass dish for the pond.

I have paperclay to cover the outside of the dish.

I have real stones and gravel and pebbles galore.

And I have two frantic questions:

1. Will little pebbles stick to the wet paperclay?

2. Can I just pour UltraGlo over gravel in the bottom of the dish or do I need to glue it down? If the latter, what glue?

I have puppies desperate to go swimming. :music_band:

Not that I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off or anything.

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Paperclay sticks to glue, so why not glue your pebbles? And you know my "solution" to the "can you?" Make a sample & see if it works for you.

LOL, yep I think I have a tiny idea on what you might have done Holly!!! Now, my question is, what is "UltraGlo" is that some kind of resin product that is suitable for making water??? Always on the lookout for water!

Can't wait to see your doggies go swimming Freya!!!!


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