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My First Free Dollhouse


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My co-worker knows I am building my first dollhouse and have purchased my 2nd so on Wednesday she told me she saw a dollhouse still in its box sitting in her dads garage and it looked old. I said if he wants to get rid of it, bring it to me.

And she did. It is the Greenleaf Fairfield and it looks like all the parts are still there along with the instructions. The box looks really old but I know you can still purchase it. I was so excited since this is a different scale than the other 2. Not sure my fiance had the same excitement LOL

I may start this one before I start the Laurel but who knows. I am not starting anything till my Alexandria is done!!! (repeating that in my head over and over)

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I am going to have to find new copies of the instructions however because it looks like bugs or something got to it. It is falling apart and too faded to read in lots of places. The wood is fine thank goodness. It has 1983 on the instruction papers. Has it been changed any since this day?

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