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Clumsy, clumsy....


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Ok, here's a good one....we decided to do a minor facelift of our main bathroom with part of our economic stim check. I got it back in May, and DH said I could buy whatever I wanted as long as I stayed in the budget. Of course, money "burns a hole in my pocket" so I ran out, and got all we needed to do the job...between vacation, and other things going on, he just started working on the bathroom about 2 weeks ago and last weekend was ready to install the new vanity top I bought. I had gone to the store while he was getting ready to install it, and while I was gone, he realized I bought the wrong width of vanity top...so he went to Menard's and bought a new one. He couldn't just exchange it because I guess he was being impatient...and I had used my own debit card to buy it..and I wasn't home. So good news is that he got the new top installed, and I'm happy.

Sooo, then I had to take the other vanity top back so I could get "his" money back...I finally had time yesterday, and my son helped me carry the box down the stairs (it really wasn't that heavy, just awkward and I had carried it from the car to the house myself the first time)...and just as we were going out the door, I lost my hold on the box, and dropped it right on the metal threshold of the door. What a sickening "clink" sound! I had cracked the backsplash!!!!! Uggggg!!!!! I about cried!!!! $200 out the door!!!

The only good thing is that seeing how distraught I was over the whole thing, DH was very nice about it, and didn't even make one smart remark about me being impatient, and not waiting for him to load the car for me,lol. ( I had to wait for a day when I didn't have all 3 kids or I wouldn't have been able to stick it in the van).

What a waste! I could just throw up! (sorry for the visual), but wasting money like that just makes me nauseated!!!!

What can you do, I just have to get over it and be glad I didn't drop it on my foot and break my foot or something,lol. The break is really not that bad...it's pretty "clean" and the top could be repaired, I think. I think I might be able to put it on ebay or in the paper or something and get a little of my money back if the break isn't that noticeable and someone wants to buy it cheap, ya know.

Oh well, thanks for listening, I feel better :)

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Oh, I know that sinking, I-must-be-in-a-bad-dream-cause-that-can't-have-just-happened feeling!

You have my sympathy - but you're quite right, at least you didn't break your foot! I'm glad that you're okay.

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