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I haven't been here in 2 months


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I'm still jobless. Nothing has turned out right lately. I went thru a month long interview process with a company but when it came time to hire me on they couldn't afford to hire. I will run out of uneployment next week if I don't get the extension that the president approved.

We got a new kitten June 3rd in an unusual way. My boyfriend started driving his little pickup to work after two months of it just sitting in the yard. Apparently a local feral cat had decided that under his truck was the safest place to raise her family. He drove the truck 35 miles to work and back for 2 days let it sit in the yard over the weekend and drove it again monday and tuesday. But on his way to work tuesday some lady pulled him over at a red light holding a kitten out the window at him. She said he had been dropping kittens for the past 8 miles. She picked up two of the 3 kittens fell out the other one hit the road running into the woods. She said she wanted one and Todd took the other one. He was solid black about 5 weeks old and wild. He followed our dog around the house like he was his mom. He wanted to cuddle with the dog the first day but toby didn't like that. After a couple of days the dog finally started letting him sleep with him and eat with him. It was so cute. We named him Jack. Jack would run up to the dog while he was laying in the floor and just smack him upside the head a few times and run away. Toby didn't care at all. The on the 4th of july tragedy struck. Todd and I were getting ready to go out with friends when we noticed Jack actting strange walking around backwards in circles like he was trying to get something off his head. I picked him up, examined him and discovered that his jaw was out of line. We aren't sure what happend. I don't think the dog did it but todd seems to think so. We had to drive 50 miles to the nearest ER vet. Only to discover that it was going to cost $450 just to xray him. Then another 2000 to fix what was wrong. I couldn't afford it and the vet recommended we put him down because he would never be the same. So I buried him right next to nubbins.

A week after losing Jack. I found an ad for free kittens at a local store so I called and got the remaining two female kittens. They were already 12 weeks old when I got them. Both are gray and white. I named them Cloe and Samantha. Toby is afraid of these two because they fight with each other all the time. One likes him the other hisses at him all the time. I'll post pictures soon. Im on a dial up connection now and don't want to wait to upload them.

As for projects I've just been trying all sorts of things. Made candles for a while. Now I'm trying to work with sheet metal to create minis. I miss staying up to date with all my mini friends. I feel lost without ya'll.

I'll try to write again soon.

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Hi Anna, sorry to hear about the job situation. What a shame the company was stringing you along. I hope you find something soon.

I'm so sorry to hear about your kitten, that is so sad. Glad you were able to get a couple of new babies :)

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Sounds like you've been having quite the summer Anna. Glad you are back, though sad at the plight of the kitten, glad you've got two more, and your dog sounds like a winner!

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Hope that you find a good job - and that you can spend more time here with your friends. :)

What a touching, funny, sad story about the mama cat and her kittens. So sorry about what happened.

I hope the two new kittens will watch out for each other, and there will be no other mysterious problems. :)

Take care, and check in often!

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