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Wanted to show you

Shelly N

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They're wonderful! You really did a beautiful job on them. Did you use needle-punch, or french knots, or what?

I love the cat one especially. Where did you find the pattern - or did you design it?

They must have taken forever to do. :)

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Thanks Everyone~the train one is actually a cross stitch pattern that I adapted for FK. That means French knots. The circle of cats is a pattern top that i got from Anna G

Link here: http://users.vcnet.com/annag/default.html The train one is on a site called dancing violets. I don't have the link for it.

They are both done entirely of french knots. I used 2 strands of floss and wrapped the needle twice. It takes approximately 490 french knots to fill one square inch so they took me a while to do.

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one thing i never could learn how to do french knots i never could get it right. those rugs are very pretty


This is a good video of how to make french knots. I could not do them either for the longest time then after doing a few of these rugs I got them accomplished!

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I did a search to find the Dancing Violets needlework site - here's the link:


Once I had a look at the site I remembered seeing it before - I actually had the animal train pattern saved already! Thanks for the reminder. :wave:

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