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Bead teapots, lamps, vases, other accessories

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Several of you have made beautiful lamps and teapots and vases and bottles, etc. out of beads, caps and other findings.

I was hoping to create a teapot collection for the rehab house but I have tried it and am not finding great success yet. I got all the supplies from Fire Mt but no instructions came with it. So far I have tried assembling them with wire, headpins, and several types of glues.

So, all you experts -

- Do you use headpins to wires them together? I tried this and can't figure out how to make it tight enough to hold them in place. Do they go in from the top or up from the bottom?

- Do you use glue? If so, which kind so it doesn't cloud the beads and still works on metal? I've tried a bunch of jewelry types but they don't seem to work on metal to metal.

- How do you clamp them together while they dry? Mine keep slipping apart and end up crooked.

- Do you use upside-down bead caps as a base on the tiny ones to make them stand up?

- Or do you all use something or some other method altogether different?

Thanks for all your advice ahead of time.

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For any bead work I do, I always used E600 glue. Even Walmart carries that.

But, I have found the new glue by Aleene's, Jewelry and Metal glue works great, and dries very rapidly! Be careful with it...if you get it on your fingers, they will stick like super glue! Also, it has a tiny pin point tip which is great, and remember...just a tiny little dot of it is enough to hold it. Put the glue on both items very sparingly, hold the parts together for a few seconds, and it will stay! [Walmart also has the Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue].

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Yes, I use the Aleen's jewelry glue, too. Don't bother with wires. If they turn out crooked, I just cut them apart and try again (or through them away ..but then, I don't spend a lot on beads!) And yes, turning parts "upside down" so they serve as bases works well. I just go by "eye" -- if it looks good to me, I'm ok with it.

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First, thanks for all the great ideas. You all have created SO many beautiful items. I wanted to do it too and mine have been such a disappointment thus far.

Anyway, just to clarify b'cuz there are SO many Aleene's products and I live wa-a-ay out in the sticks so I order online alot ...

Are these actually different glues or variations of the name?

- Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue

- Aleene's Platinum Bond Adhesive Glass & Bead

And as for the Fusion product - I tried looking it up and came up with a glue stick form and a liquid form. Which are you referring to?

Thanks again.

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I use Aleens Jewelry and Metal glue. Haven't seen the other. Old fashioned contact cement will work, too, if that's more readily available. It's just that contact cemet is a bit messier.

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My advice in making things out of beads and jewelry stuff is Super Glue and pins, and wires. Do dry runs about any gluing.

Use jewelry part as bottom of teapot or saucer of a cup. Glue the bead of your choice to the bottom piece. you can line up the holes with a straight pin pointing up and glue the bottom to bead to cap all around the pin. or start with pin cap, bead, bottom. Hold with tweezers or fingers til dry. 1 or 2 mins for most projects. clip and file the pin to level with bottom or cap. Finish with wire for handle, glue. Smallest bead for cap knob. With or without pins. It should hold together fine after 24 hrs drying time. Michelle

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Starting out I used good ol' Elmer's white all-purpose glue, and things I made with it are still sticking together. The E6000 also ought to work well. I tried using pins once, the glue stuck the beads to the pins, so that was the ind of that. Loctite makes a super glue gel that comes in a squeezable bottle with a needle-sized opeining that gives incredible control for the minutest amounts that I have fallen in love with.

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Hurray !!! I finally have 7 teapots completed thanks to all your wonderful advice.

This forum is the greatest ... wait, no, it's the people who belong to this forum who are the greatest.

Thanks for all your wonderful assistance.

Oh, and btw, I ended up having success with Aleens Jewelry and Metal glue. One of my granddaughters showed me how to hold and attach w/o adding finger tips to the creation. :lol:

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