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Bayberry Cottage problem


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I am finishing a Dura-Craft Bayberry Cottage and found that the railings and trim on the front along with the posts are really unstable. I have glued them twice and both times they just weren't solid enough to last.

The trim, the railings and the front porch posts hold up the front porch roof so they have to be strong and stable. After a lot of thought I decided to use some of the extra dowling and put in horizontal pieces that would act as pegs. Hard to explain but look at the photo. I will have to drill into the posts and the house wall and the floor in order to insert the "pegs" but once glued they should be very stable. I will paint everything except the 3/16" that will fit into the posts and walls and floors.


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That's a great idea. I wish they provided those on the posts in kits. The RGT posts would be much easier for the verticals as well. When I built my Cranberry Cove I thought I'd never get the posts sturdy and wound up taking off the porch. Maybe I'll put it back on now. Thanks for the idea.

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