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Brookwood House in progress

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Just got the chance to upload pics to my first gallery. Let me know what you think. The fireplace has diferent designs and materials for each floor. The first floor of the chimney is made of tiles designed specifically for dollhouses (from Mott's), the second floor chimney is made from tiles purchased at Lowe's designed for the bathroom (these had to be ripped, which means cut in half for the depth), and the third floor chimney is made of fishy rocks bought from the fish store around the corner. I used veneer edging to do the floor, ceilings, and stair side of the chimney. This is great stuff to work with, you can make it as long or as wide or as skinny as you like.....and it's cheap.... :) . The bathroom is harder to capture in pictures. I used glass tiles from a regular tile store and just took them off the backing of course. When I try to get a pic of the bathroom though, the light makes the tiles just look kind of dirty. They are actually light blue with black streaking peaking through the back of the tiles. Let's see...the kitchen tiles are from Lowe's, again, (one of my fav haunts) and I'm going to put a finishing edge on the open side of the house so you cannot see the depth of the tiles, which is really the big drawback for regular sized tiles being used in the houses, unless you're welling to sit and rip each one down and that gets tricky. (I kinda like having ALL my fingers.... :) ). And I put two little can lights under the first stair going up to the third floor. The pic is in my gallery, it's the one with the wires coming out from the staircase. I thought that would give a nice effect at the inside of the front door.The staircase is made of cut tiles and will be free floating. It isn't in the pics yet, I kept knocking them off and just removed them until I could got further along. I put the whole house on a little recycled cart my husband brought home from work that has wheels on it so that I can turn the whole kit and kaboodle around and get a better visual. The ceilings are all going to be wood slats and beams. I'm using inexpensive basswood to do all of the ceiling work. I think I'll try making my own kitchen since I can't seem to find exactly what I have in mind for my "bachelor pad." OK, so I think that's about it on my current progress, but any comments or suggestions are always appreciated!

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