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N.A.M.E.(?) kit identification


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Last week a friend gave me some kits and books and things from a family friend who is deceased. He let the boxes get wet and most were destroyed. I did however come away with some Miniature Gazette mags, an AKER miniature diplicating lathe (works!), mahagony pool table kit (no instructions), mid 1800s Merchants Desk by Tom Martin (N.A.M.E. with instructions), unknown kit, Fireplace kit with 2 cherubs (no instructions).

I e-mailed N.A.M.E. but have not heard back yet. I have Googled and found nothing. The mags are from 1987. I am assuming the other things are from that time frame. Here are pics of the unknown kit. I think it may be a bed or cabinet? The 10 long boards have a 'V' shaped groove on one side. I would appreciate help with instructions for the pool table and identifying the unknown kit. Thanks.

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Miniature Gazette is the official publication of NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts)& comes with membership. I'm rather surprised you haven't heard back from your email. I don't belong, but some of our members do, and may be able to give you more info. Sounds like you got some reall goodies, though.

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