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I posted in January of 2006 for advice on roofing my Fairfield. Thank you to those who responded. It worked out very well. Unfortuantely, I was unable to post the requested pictures, because I didn't have a digital camera. I bought one for this summer and have pictures. It is my first house, and is known as Maple Grove.

I can't seem to get the pictures to upload though. They are too big for the board and I don't know how to use the gallery. I've read the help menu but it didn't do me any good. I'm not very techy. Any ideas?

Adorabelle :)

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You have to have 5 posts, Adorabelle, before you are able to start a Gallery of your own. You only need a couple more and if you want to use a small but very good program to resize your pictures, try this one:


Its the 11th one down on the right hand side.

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