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Update On My Package Drama

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Well, it seems like my package has traveled the world but it got to my mailbox today. Thank goodness!! I had been loosing sleep over my minis!

It seems the package was delivered to the wrong address (USPS mistake once again) and the person was unable to bring me the package because the address label was completely rubbed off except for the bar code. Probably because of the storms we had. The good thing is that they had the good conscience to take it to the post office where they scanned the bar code and sent it back to me.

Whew! It was a close call because I had emailed HBS and I had gotten no answer so I had to email someone from their office directly and they told me hastily to check with the post office....hmmm...had never gotten that kind of response from HBS before but maybe because of the holidays they werent on their top performance.

Or then again, it could be that Im just a very stubborn, impatient and demanding customer that expects complete bending over backwards from employees... :p You want to know if your employees are doing well? Hire me to test them. I will put them through the wringer. lol At least thats what my husband thinks but I dont. I just want fairness.

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I do try to take into account the fact that it is a holiday weekend, many businesses closed on Friday (maybe all, I don't know for sure), and some even had short days on Thursdays. And even the post office and HBS are run by humans. We have flaws, we humans do. Well, most of us, anyway. I guess there are always exceptions.

I am glad you got your stuff. Do let HBS know so they don't reship!

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