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How do I make a shiny stain dull?


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How do I make a shiny coat of stain look dull? Is that possible?

I am currently working on the log cabin kit from Earth & Tree and used minwax stain to stain the walls. Love the color (dark walnut) but I don't really like the shiny look to the walls.

I tried sanding it to take off some of the shine and while that helped a bit, it didn't take as much of it off as I'd hoped. Would spraying a clear matte sealer over it take the shine off?

Thanks for any help!

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When I used to do furniture refinishing alot - in another life - I used to use a product called "rottenstone" to achieve a beautiful soft look.

I would stain and varnish as usual, wet sanding inbetween coats and then after the final coat I would use the rottenstone. It is a sort of fine pumice type powder that you can mix with baby oil or mineral oil to be as coarse or diluted as you prefer. After you are done, just clean the surface carefully. You can save the rottenstone/oil mixture for other projects. It comes in a smallish box in a hardware store and one box will last you a lifetime.

Another option is to use steel wool with some oil.

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