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July Weight Loss Thread *NEW FORMAT*


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The idea here is to set a goal JUST for the end of the month, usually around a 5 pound weight loss but this month the rules will be a tad different.

If you're interested for July, simply post on this thread how many lbs you want to lose. Then each weekend or so, each person can post their goal weight and how much they have lost so far for the month. For instance, if I lose 1.5 pounds the first week, I'll change mine to 1.5 / 5.0. Best part of doing it this way is you don't have to share your ultimate goal weight, or how much you feel you need to lose all together! But you've still got a group in a thread rooting for you and your short term goal!

The reason I changed it is because not everyone was updating me on their losses each week and I was constantly forgetting to update the list. This way everyone can just post whenever they are ready and they dont have to wait for me to update the list each week which I wasnt doing anyway :)

Good Luck in July!!

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oopss I wasnt pming you my info just posting it in the thread...SORRY


I was doing good to do that...but Im up for trying for 10 again...

almost made it with 8 for June

so July weight started at 255

which was Wed.

I am making a big effort to get in all my protien daily...they say 90 grams a day

I usually get about 60-70

this is probably why my weightloss has slowed and why my hair is sooo tired

yes I over ate on the 4th....almost my whole kabob my DH made!

nutti :p

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Im so happy for you!

Im swimming everyday and Im getting ready to get me a bike!

looking forward to a healthier more active me!

nutti B)

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ive been trying to hit the pool as often as i can and i have also been on my bike every other day. the thought of doing these 2 things seemed like torcher 2 weeks ago but now i look forward to them. its a great feeling once you finish your workout. you feel like you did so well and you are really accomplishing something thats so great for yourself. i cant ride my bike tomorrow but i will try to get in the pool if it isnt freezing from all the rain we have had. if that doesnt work im going get on the gazelle maching thing. lol

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weighed in yesterday at 252

a loss of 3lbs this week

ordered my bike last night very excited about that!

been trying to swim....but the water is still too cold to stay in after the sun is off the water.

but I get in and walk around for about 20 mins or so...I figure just making the effort to go out is more excersize than sitting in the house thinking about it!LOL :p

I hope everyone else is doing well this month!

nutti :)

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I weighed in at the dr. office today and I've lost a total of 14lbs this month so far....woohoo....the nurse and dr hugged me today for what a great job I've done....usually band patience don't lose alot of weight...but he told me I was doing fantastic....they didn't give me a fill today....since Feb 14, 2008 I have lost 56 lbs....my total weight loss before and after surgery is 256lbs

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We didn't get back home until yesterday. I did really well with our diets until the fridge in our camper died two weeks ago and we had what would fit in the cooler and ate out; and no matter how hard you try, restaurant food is very difficult to maintain weight! I'll weigh in tomorrow to see if I need to join for August (betcha I will!).

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