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Building the Madison

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I've gotten pictures up in the gallery of where I am with the Madison as of tonight. I plan to make this into a country shack, sort of set in the mountains, and the house will be up on brick pillars.

It's funny, because before I started it I had been talking to Nutti via email and telling her I wanted to try and build on my own, and she was giving me encouragement. I told her I would start small, and start this one. Funnily enough, right after I started it, my brother brought me the Emerson Row, so I guess I didn't get to start small after all.

Here's the link: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/i...album&album=154

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Thanks Holly! I've got the bottom part of the porch on, but not the posts and the roof. And I've started doing color washes on the wood to age it a bit. I'll take some more pix tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I didn't get as much mini-ing done over the weekend as I wanted to, because the daughter came up and we spent the day shopping for wedding apparel. It was a success though!

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Linda, stain another piece of scrapwood and try various aging techniques to see which one you like. I found a wash of very pale gray/ white (very dilute) in several random streaky coats looked pretty good for aging a roof.

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I am inspired!

I think Ill get the Addams down off the shelf and do something with it.\

it already houses swaps from a log cabin swap I was in and looks like a fishin shack on the inside. hmmmmmm how could I fix the stuccoed look of the inside if I plank the outside? would it look weird?

ohhhh the woes of nutti's world of indiscions in decorating!

you are doing a great job!

is this going to be a gift?

nutti :D

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Everything looks great. You are doing a great job.  By the way where can I get one of those handy dandy supplorts you used?LOL :D


Thanks Terri! As a miniaturist yourself, you know we'll use anything we can for our miniatures! One time I emptied out a little house like thing that held paperclips because I needed it to put onto a window frame and then put a paint can over that to hold something down while it dried!

I love going to thrift stores! I can't help it! I find some of the neatest stuff there, and those bottles were one of those things ... they are currently (except for the one that I am using as a "spacer") sitting on the dry sink in the kitchen awaiting my mantle to be put back together so that I can stain it, etc.

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