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Vintage ads, labels and ephemera

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I just found this nifty site with copyright free images of all sorts. Would be fun for store posters, cookbook covers, jar labels etc. I even found an invitation to President Lincoln's birthday party! Hires Rootbeer had a cologne?! Oh the possibilities! Have fun!!


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I can picture...

-an invitation on a dresser next to a lady's pair of gloves

-Signage in a grocery store setting

-a World War II era community center with posters or a home with ration stamps on the kitchen counter

-a store selling women's beauty products

-covers on cookbooks

Also, there are great period photos that would be helpful in recreating a setting in a roombox, etc.

Use the search bar at the top of the page to search all of their collections.

Any other ideas? :)

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This is all searchable by year, so I searched the year of my house, 1905. There's sheet music to lay on the piano. An ad for a new folding Brownie camera casually tossed on a table next to an older style camera. The cover of the very newest novel of that period. Just looking at fashions worn by ladies in this time period is an incredible source of information for me. This is WONDERFUL!! Thanks so much, Caroline.

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