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Another ACMoore heads up


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This week's ACMoore coupon available in the Sunday newspaper Smart Source coupon book AND on their website (go to store locator and once your store comes up there is a coupon button to load your store's coupons for the week).

This week's coupon is 25% off your entire order. It doesn't specify non-sale or non-clearance items only!! So it should be off your ENTIRE order (sans Cricket and some other scrapbooking stuff they DO mention on the coupon).

It can't hurt to try! I might have to make another trip and get stuff even FURTHER reduced!!

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We also do not have an AC Moore, but I did go to one in Savannah yesterday. I won't go again. Very, very few minis, but what they did have was very expensive, and not on sale. According to the sales clerk, they have not put any of their minis on sale, at all! I would not mind the prices at all, if it were hand-made items. But everything they had was mass produced, and way to expensive. Not even any building components except one door, and one odd sized window.

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Guest Nathaniel

I just printed out the coupon for my local store in Dartmouth, MA. It says 50% off one item and also 25% off your entire order, but you are right, it doesnt specify that you can only use it on regular priced items. Has anyone verified this? If so, I am going to my Ac Moore tonight to see if there is anything left on sale. I think there were still a few Houseworks Street of Shops kits left for 25 bux. Lets see, with this coupon, they would only cost me 18.75, where as they are regularly a hundred bux I think! I dont think there was much left the last time I went to mine, and im sure there is almost nothing now, but I will probably check it out anyways... Ill let you know if I luck out!

Thanks for posting this - I have been ignoring my AC Moore coupons to avoid spending any more...

-Nathaniel :)

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