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5 New Dollhouses


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Well we went crazy today and bought 6 new houses. :banana: We got some small ones. Since all we have are big ones.

We got

2 Sweatheart Cottages

2 Brookfeild Cottages

1 Orchid

1 Winston

Don't ww will sleep at night for all the ideas running around in our heads.

If you all have any ideas let us know.

Rita and Valerie

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Congratulations! Those sweetheart cottages are really nice. I have one that I want to make into a little tudor cottage. It has the right roofline and features... just leave off the little hearts! You have enough there to make a nice little village.

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the sweetheart was my first tab & slot house. that was long before i encountered anyone else who built these, so i treated it as meant for a child (painted it pink, with those big hearts on it.) it's really a lovely house, and so much more could be done with it than that. i'm sure you'll enjoy yours.

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I know, I think we will have to build another houses just to hold the dollhouses. LOL

I like how you are thinking! That is one of the arguments in our possible purchase of a new house....


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