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2/8/06 Functioning Miniatures

Minis On The Edge

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I have a towel rack that I bought somewhere (Can't remember where) and it looks like a miniature kitchen roombox above it but it is a functioning item. Do you have anything around your house that is a functioning item BUT is miniature too?

Post some pictures. Here is my towel rack:


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That's really cool, Tracy :lol: ! The only thing I have that might remotely fit is a topper for those jar candles. Mine is a 1/144th scale house with yard. It even has a tree swing in the front yard.

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I'm not sure if it would be considered functional, and it isn't finished yet anyway, but I'll have the village of the different 1/4 houses and a train on top of the cabinets.

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Tracy -

I've also seen something similar to this on ebay. A little girl's dream ... a big girl's too!! :( ;) I'm unsure if Ray would be comfortable sleeping under this headboard if I filled it with mini teddy bears and dolls .... maybe I could leave room for one of his model trains (no GI Joes) :):p


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In the Arkansas thrift store where I spotted the unfinished NFS dh there was also a headboard and a dresser that were also dollhouses in Barbie scale. DH & I would have loved to get it for DGD, but she's "too old" now... :(

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Very cute! It would look perfect in my bedroom!!! :( I love "shabby chic" furniture! And the best thing - you would need 2 for a Queen or King size bed... :) If I were married I would force my husband to sleep under this headboard... ;) Hehe!

Tracy, I'm sure your girl would love it! It's definitely a little girl's dream! You could even furnish, wallpaper and light it!

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In my wood working books I have a Little girls bed

and dresser that have a dollhouse built in to them.

The head board is the dollhouse with 2 stories and 6 rooms

The dresser is the same with little cubbies to store ther stuffed toys in it

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the only thing i can think of is a snow ball.

not sure if you call it that however.

it is a glass ball and if you turn it upside down snow falls all over the scene in the ball.

and i now remember i have a 1:12 working hour-glass.

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i just thought of two other items: tankards with a moveable lid and a wedding beaker (the top spins like a real one should). its somethng from the 18th century so probably not well known.

or maybe its just a dutch period thing, dont know.

i bet i can come up with more but not at the moment.:lol:

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SusannaT made some tiny snow-globes, check her Gallery. The tankard might be a bracelet charm, my DM had a charm bracelet with tiny scissors and a world globe that spun in its stand and was about 1/2" tall.

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Cute towel rack!

I've got a hutch with a working clock in it. It's almost too big really to put into a house, and it has a hanger on the back so it can be hung on a wall. Right now I have some mini pottery and some other bowls displayed on it and it sits beside my computer as a decoration and clock.


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I've seen that towel rack in some catalog; forgot all about it! I think it's time to buy one! I also have seen (advertised) a cabinet for CDs that looks like a dollhouse -- I'm planning to get one of those :chat:

I'm not much of a candle person, they just never seemed too practical to me (kind of like cigarettes - why buy something you're just going to burn up??) -- but I saw this one at a trade show and had to have it. Not for the candle, you can see how much is not burned up in the last 3 years, but for the top that came with it --

There's a hole in the top for a burning candle

Side view

Looking down from the top ...

I keep this in the window sill of my kitchen.

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My husband and I have matching nightstands that hold 10-gallon fish tanks inside them. Only the front of the tank is visible and there is enough clearance inside to mount a light bar.

The scene in his tank is a hunting cabin, which isn't finished yet. The scene in my tank will be a living room filled with minis (lots of 1:144 for this one because I must be insane), with a work table overlooking a garden view.

One of these centuries I will have one of them done and can post pics. If anyone wants to know more about them/see a picture of the empty furniture, let me know.

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Minis that look like and or do the same thing as it's real life size counterpart is what I want to put in my dollhouse.

So far I have replicated all my favorite life size pieces of furniture in my home and also many other things, this includes:

1950's blonde Bedroom set

Antique Night Stand

1940's Living room chair and couch

Queen Ann coffee and end tables

Russian Cherry Wood Bookcase.....including some of the books

1950's Kitchen dinette

Cello stand

Computer Armore...working doors and sliding keyboard tray

Computer chair... adjustable seat, wheels that roll


Sewing box

Pictures and frames

Braided throw rugs

Embroidered cushion

Telescope..(complete with spotting scope and tripod, yep it all works just like the real deal)

My McKinley dollhouse ..(still in the works)

Di Vinci Accordian with case.....it can't make music (yet) but the bellows work great!

Working Grandfathers clock (made from kit but I modified it and put in functional clockworks)

Adjustable window blinds

My model rocket collection

My Animated paper model collection ( ie..a box with gears inside of it connected to a figure on top of the box, turning the handle

on the side of the box will animate the figure on top).

Toaster....it can pop up the bread but it's nonelectrical.

My vintage Apple/Macintosh computer collection.....they don't work of course. Made from paper including mice and keyboards.

1960's Barbie Dreamhouse with furniture

The McKinely Wooden Dollhouse kit.. replicated box, comes with all the wooden pieces, clear plastic window glass,

reference guide and instructions.

1 pair of wooden wedged leather sandals

4 packs of cigarettes....each contain 22 smokable cigarettes

Dinning room ceiling lights, living room wall lights, hallway light, bedroom night stand and table lights, 3rd floor ceiling lights.

Things I bought that actually work:

A Heidi Ott sewing machine..all the parts move but it can't actually sew

A wooden ladder

measuring spoons

X-acto knife

miniature plane model kit......comes with all the planes pieces, glue and tiny rubber band motor

Lighted fish aquarium....only thing real is the light.

Various lamps

Im sure there are things Ive left out but the last thing and probably my most favorite miniature is a

working LC II Macintosh Computer made by American Girl. It comes with sound and two computer programs, word processing

and astronomy which are navigatable using the tiny mouse!!

If you want to see these things just check out My Gallery ;o)

I made a short video showing the LC II in action....I plan on uploading it soon.

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