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needlepoint carpet stitched


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I have posted a pic of a carpet i have just donefor a friend,

it measures about 8 1/2 X about 5in she dosen't know she is getting it

yet, I am going to give it to her at our next club night.

the reason is she invited me to her house for a play day making flowers and she had a

very small carpet (a 24th scale one i had stitched her previously)

anyway she had this teeny carpet in her 1.12th scale tudor house as she

thought the colurs went better, right in the middle of this husge room,

so decided there and then to make her a surprise carpet for the room as

a thank you too, and she can use that little one for a fireside rug


ps this was my first attempt at using the tabby weave as set out in

Anna Carin's instructions here




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well she was genourous too, we spent all day at her house while she showed us how to make flowers out of nothing but punched out shapes of paper and how to be creative with diffent shapes to get different types of flowers, I made geraniums, foxgloves and she sent me and my froend home with more punched out bits and wire and allsorts as well as lettitng us borrow her punches so we could punch a few more out at home, and she is always handing out little pots with flowers in them to peopleas she makes them like raindrops and as fast as !!! she is very genourous too !!! that mini makers for you we are just a wonderful community of givers and sharers

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I must have lots of lucky friends LOL, cos I don't seem to stitch much for myself hoo !! poor me

no I enjoy it and to be honest, i love to try out new charts that I wouldn't neccessarily use in my houses and i get to improve my technique, I think this is the best one I have done so far stitching wise , plus i try harder to be better if I am stitching for someone else, if its for my self I don't bother so much, I even over stitched the edges on this one.

If you check out the stitching on my site I have only 8 things I ended up with and all the rest are for others, my daughter has the rugs right at the bottom in her house as well as the lab welcome mat LOL I know all these things have gone to loving homes

ya'll should have a go at that fringing technique it really is easy, do post when you have finished your rug Margaret

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What a fantastic piece you have done there, please try and "steal" a pic of it in your friend's scene if possible, I can only imagine how happy she will be when receiving this treasure!

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