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Looking for a specific sofa

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In one of your galleries, I saw and fell in love with a precious country style sofa. I wanted to PM that person to find out where they got it, but forgot who it was! :thumb:

So let's see if anyone can help me solve the mystery from this description :bookread: It was loveseat size, fully upholstered in a country check, with wooden legs, and a single "hump" on the back (camel back?).

This is a shot in the dark, but I know you all are great at answering these kind of strange questions! Thanks for any help!

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never mind it doesnt match your description exactly but its pretty close if you wanna take a look


this one is cute too. i was looking at both of these sets for my orchid.


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You guys are great! I finally found a pic of one very close to it in real life! It's the middle one under the name of the store. Does that help? :giggle:


Love the other furniture too for that country look! It makes me a little homesick for PA.

Judith's & Irene's sofas certainly seem to fit the description.

Holly, Who are Judith and Irene?

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What a fun game- it's like an amazing race or something.

I had to laugh about the Judith and Irene dollhouse furniture. That's the kind of thing I'd do.

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