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Barrington by Artply

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Hi all :lol:

Does anyone have ay idea of the size of the Barrington by Artply?

is it Garfield or Pierce size?

Also i can only find one pic of the box anyone have or know a link to anymore especially the back?

I may have the chance to get one....AU$200 partially built....should i do it? lol silly question really!!! :(

Thanks :D:)

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Newsflash :D:)

I bought it!!!! (was there ever any doubt? :( )

Better news...................she reduced it to AU$150!!!!!!!

Woohoooo i am picking her up on Saturday as its a 2 hour drive :( but well worth it :lol:

Heres the link if anyones interested :(


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I'm glad you already bought it or I might have been on a plane myself after it! Just kidding- but the Artply Barrington and Grandville are on my "really really really want to get" list.

Congratulations- she's a beauty. I can't wait to see what you do with her!

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OMG!!!!!! I can't believe you even asked us! Buy of the century I'd say!

Let us know how you get on, has she talking started yet? (ESP since you have not picked her up). Any idea about how build she is? What are your plans for her?

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O THANK GOD YOU GOT IT! I have been drooling over that house ever since i found out it existed and I cant wait to follow your progress. YOU BETTER TAKE LOTS OF PICS!!! LOL

and congrats on beating me to my own pic, pam. lol

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OK, it finally happened. Yes, Linda, that's a really silly question!

Oh my, but yes I couldn't agree more, perhaps the one and only silly question around here huh???? Don't walk, run.... ;) Just read that you got, whohooooo, so where is the bubbly?

Congratulations to a GREAT buy that we are sooo looking forward to your progress on!


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wowsers thanx Kelly for those pics....now i cant wait till i pick her up:) ;)

I'm thinking maybe shabby chic interior with kitchen/dining and get rid of that wall.....ooooooo myyyyyy the possibilities :p

ooooooooooo and i think maybe making 3 definate rooms in the attic....my mind is going at top speed :p

Lets see if she agrees when i get her home :)

Thanx everyone for your good wishes.....did i tell you i'm getting a Barrington? lol

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woohooo i have a Barrington B) well actually my partner has it as he went and picked it up for me...nice boyfriend :)

Note to self....must be nicer to him from now on :huh:

now i just have to wait until tuesday when he comes up here :banana:

Another note to self.....remember to look happy to see him and not knock him over in an attempt to get to the dollhouse :doh:

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