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The Glencroft's front yard is finished!


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post-1052-1213519021_thumb.jpg post-1052-1213519035_thumb.jpg

I'm so pleased to have this done. I had ideas for it, but they all changed after looking at lovely gardens in England for a week :lol:

For instance I decided I simply had to have a huge lovely wisteria growing... that took some improvising, a few choice words and fingers hurting from twisting wire.


There's teeny tiny birds nest (bought in England, as was the bench) tucked away safely. The rose bush was made from ready made paper roses, the delphiniums were made by me. As were the geraniums and the hydrangea planted in the pot.


Mary's bike was made from a plain black wire one I picked up at a market. I painted it, added leather for the seat and gave it tires.

post-1052-1213519082_thumb.jpg post-1052-1213519094_thumb.jpg

I also added a water tap. The clematis was a laser cut kit, it looks so pretty with the peonys.

Notice the one other thing I picked up in England?

Look closely at the first photo... look up...

Yes. A very British smokestack :D

I'm so glad I found one.

Now I only need to order proper hinges for the door... and I wonder.. I probably need a little step too.

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Oooh, a goregous scene! Love the bird nest! Well done Susanna :lol:

(I'm not quite sure what a smoke stack is, do you mean the terracotta coloured thing at the top of your chimney? Think we call it a chimney pot here in the UK. It is very cute anyway, especially how it gets sootier towards the top, I can just see the smoke coming out!)

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Aren't English gardens just so awesome? Even the smallest cottage has flowers and landscaping all around it. I have a cousin there who was (maybe still is..haven't been in touch in years!) who grew prize gardenias in what we'd consider a "postage stamp" sized space.

Your Glencroft garden is lovely. I just saw chimney pots like that in the newest miniatures.com catalog and couldn't figure out exactly what they were til I saw yours in place! :lol:

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Susanna it is divine!!! I just love what you have done with this gem of a house! I bet Mary is more pleased than words really!

Hugs and thanks for sharing, now I better not tell Mz Chantilly about this or she will start throwing hissy fits from lack of attention LOL

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