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Is this a Greenleaf?

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I was going to say that I don't know what it is for sure, but I know that it isn't a GL, doesn't look like their stuff. It does look like an Artply design.

don't know how ya'll identify some of these houses SO quickly. I need to learn more.


ps I'm originally from NC so that's where the southern ya'll came from. I know most Texans will at least secretly admit to agree with me that Texas is not part of the south, not part of the southwest, but is an entity in and of itself. A combination of cowboy and southern charm, I think.

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Well, I'm back from the lady's house and I bought a Westville! It is fully assembled, unpainted, undecorated and rock solid with 20 years worth of dust on it and it's $141 price tag! The woman actually wanted $150 but of course I knew better... I paid $50.

I'm in love with it already and think I'll be making it a 1920's farmhouse.

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