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Great shopping day

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I ordered some things at the Greenleaf store today. I got a Primrose, sunset arbor, wood tiles and shingles.

Im really excited about the wood tiles. Has anyone tried them? I think they will look nice in my Harrison which Im ordering in a few weeks...totally excited about that.

I want to use the Arbor on my new Westville. I think it matches it pretty nicely.

Im making the Primrose into Hello Kittys house...lol

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You're welcome Gina. In the picture the floors haven't been glued down yet, this was just a fitting. I had done them on cardstock first.

Corwin, it is front opening but I didn't hinge it, I used magnets. I realized that hinging the door would have made it so wide with the door open. It's a huge door. With magnets all on four corners it just lifts off and much easier with the limited space I have.

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