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Request for opinions on new addition to the blueprints


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So, I recently went momentarily insane and purchased the Conservatory to add to the Family Memorial Mansion project. (see my gallery for pics) I've been playing with the blueprints for the layout. Can't seem to decide where the conservatory would go best. Doors have already been cut between the buildings on the original blueprint but they could easily be filled in and/or moved.

To get a visual - the well house is rustic stone finish, the rest of the buildings will be clapboards. My spring fling is the Viking Bike Yard and that will be a detached motorcycle garage/workshop for the mansion.


Blueprint 2

Blueprint 3

Any other ideas? I really want the conservatory as a music room - already have the grand piano, pipe organ and other instruements.

As alternatives, I thought of putting it off the kitchen area and create access thru the dining room and that little hall area where the kitchen goes out onto the porch. Also tried it off the back of the living room (really looked dumb there). Also tried it between the living room (garf) and the pool room (orchid) but it lost too much of the window effects.

Your thougths?

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I think (my opinion here) that you have too much going on. You house is going to be frightening with all the additions. I would suggest you get another garfield and build it a mirror image of the one you have. That would give you a giant U shaped house. Everything would match as far as trim. You could not put the front door in so you only have one front door. You would have plenty of rooms.

Then if you have the orchid and 2 primroses, you could build it with one on each side, moving the orchid bay to one of the primroses.

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