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a new mini mural


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I'm finally working on something again. I painted the 333Franklin street house's mural for the parlor. I'm beginning to think of it as the Town House now.

There will be a wainscot below and you can see where the fireplace will go in the middle of the central panel. The white space to the side of the same panel is where the doorway will be.


I'm hoping to be able to work on the second floor walls today.

I think I want to paint the parlor wainscot a sort of sage green but I'm not sure yet. I never really know til I start painting.

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Instead of sage green (there is so much green) how about a tan or ivory color to pick up what is in the mural?

Yeah, I thought about ivory, but I tend to use it a lot and thought I should use a different color for a change. Tan is a thought. I often don't care for tan on walls but it might please me in this instance. I confess I was beginning not to be too wild about sage green either. I initially saw it in my mind's eye as I was in the planning stages, but as the picture developed I wasn't so sure I wanted it. As I said, I never really know til I apply it.

Pat, I do my murals directly on the wall. I like its smoothness, good for details. I once had someone approach me about doing a miniature mural on canvas, but she changed her mind.

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Oh, Grazhina, that is ohhhh so lovley! I would love to have a mural like that in my RL home, might just have to get a house to fit it first though...

Hugs and thanks for sharing it with us!

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