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Wall/Floor Issue

Connor's Mom

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Well I promised pictures, so here they are. The third one is of the 3 pieces I edge glued together. The lower groove is the one I am having issues with.

The first one is of the assembly I am trying to attach to the third pic.

The second one is of what I am trying to do (but on the opposite side).

The floor that is going across is too wide to fit into that groove from the 1st pic.

Do I sand the right side of the floor so I can fit it in? Any other ideas? Any help would be appreciated. I hope this is a little clearer than my last post. Thank you!





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Hi Michelle-

Are you absolutely sure you have the right pieces? I've done stuff like this before and it didn't fit, only to find out I had the wrong pieces. This is the MHM, right? I've only done the San Fran by Duracraft but I didn't have any problems with pieces not fitting. Yes, there were gaps, but they always went together OK before.

Maybe Lynette (Nutti) knows?

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Nah, she's a good egg. She won't mind. I wish I could help more. It's hard to tell if it's supposed to be that way, especially since most of us haven't built the MHM.

Let us know what you find out!

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If you're sure you have the right pieces and they don't fit you have to either make the groove wider or the floor thinner. I don't think it would matter which one you do, but sanding a little off the edge of the floor would probably be easier.

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Thanks Pam! At least I know an option now.

I re-checked the pieces before and also found someone's webshots of the MHM online and everything is correct. May just be something wierd? I am just going to wait to hear from Nutti, just to be sure, then I will move forward (I hope!)

Corwin- Thanks! I am trying B)


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Widening the gap would create less problems when you have to finish the ceiling, other wise IMO the ceiling would be at a slant which you would notice more than a edge in the wall. IMO. If you did the floor than the funature would not sit properly. I would wait for nuti, work on something else for the house for now, a nice door or curtains or something. . . .

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I used to work in a factory that dealt with this problem regularly. If you sand just a little off one or both edges of the part, at an angle, you can usually get it to go in. If you have dried glue in the groove you should clean it out first. Good luck.



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I have been without computer! the storms in our area have been frightning!

now about this MHM...egads its been awhile since we did this part.

I dont glue until its all together with tape and I can "see" that Im on the right track...sounds like you are.

from your photos I cannot tell which area you are having issues with...and Catriona's house is under a sheet(away from grandbabies) and in the back of other things so I do not have easy access to it to check for you.

we also added a 2 story addition so we have modified(bashed) the kitchen area.

I do know that its very EASY to put walls in upside down or backwards so DO dry fit and mark each peice well.

plzz try and remember that nothing you do to your kit is permanent! if its wrong...take it apart and try it again...its a hobby and suppose to be FUN!

you will do fine....remember to enjoy it!

I wish I could be more help....and I am never bothered to come online and find msgs for me...

love to help when and where I can.

its your house and I know its going to look wonderful!

cant wait to see more photos!

nutti :jump:

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