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Prayers needed please!

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My nephew DAN who is a member here on GL is undergoing some surgery tomorrow. He is having his pacemaker replaced. Not such a serious operation but they are putting him under general anestisia. I'll be going into Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC with my sister to keep her company. He should be coming home the same day if there are no complications. Just thought the extra prayers couldn't hurt.


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Here are prayers, Dan, and a {BIG HUG}! I just got my first pacemaker last December and I'll be saying lots of prayers for you if you have to have a chemical stress-test afterwards. That was even worse than missing all those meals!

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Thanks everybody for your thoughts and prayers! Dan did GREAT. The proceedure only took a little over an hour. The waiting before and then after was much longer but he came home last night. Haha when he woke up from the anethesia the first thing he said was "I'm starving!" Typical teenager. Anyway besides walking like an old man for a few days he'll be fine.

However he'll probably be facing more surgery this summer... :lol:

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