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This seems to be the right place to begin. I'm a stay-at-home person with five dollhouses in various stages of completion. I don't think any are Greenleaf, though. Hope that doesn't disqualify me from membership here. Most of my dollhouse experience has been filling one up with furniture and perhaps putting up a little wallpaper. I am now embarking on the joys of repairing a charming 3-story dollhouse from the 1970s.

My dollhouse efforts began when one brother gifted me with three dollhouses - a single-room cabin, a charming Tudor by Keystone, and a 3-story white house complete with 2-story front porch. Not to be outdone, another brother gifted me with 6 boxes of dollhouse items. Unfortunately, these six boxes held very little furniture and tons of dollhouse building supplies. So that is how I came to meet a member here - selling dollhouse supplies on Ebay.

The little cabin was very simple to complete - basically I added wallpaper to one wall and then proceeded to fill it up! The Keystone Tudor is nearly finished, just needs a little more painting/wallpaper. The large houses need a bit more work. One was a thrift shop find in nice condition for the price. It's previous owner had installed wood flooring and woodwork, but some of the woodwork is now missing and will have to be replaced - by me. One dollhouse needs interior doors so I will be trying to learn about those and how to install them.

I am gearing up to attempt to wire one of the 3-story houses. I have the wire tape, the instruction booklet, the accessories - all I'm lacking right now is the nerve! I replaced and repaired a railing with spindles that runs around an outside balcony. Next I am going to attempt to fit a door into a door frame. This is all pretty exciting stuff to me!

So I'm thrilled to discover this site and hope to learn - and enjoy - seeing what everyone is working on and dollhouses completed. It should be very inspiring!

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Welcome Almostdollheaven! Sounds like a lot of neat and fun projects you have going on! No, not having a Greenleaf house doesn't disqualify you, LOL! My first dollhouse was the Victorian Townhouse by Real Good Toys, and I also own some Artply ones--one is almost built, but not quite.

Got any pictures?

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Welcome to the neighborhood :) !! I would also love to see your houses. You know, it took me 10 years of this hobby before I got any electric to work in my house. The problem was I let myself get in the way. It is simple to do (not actually easy) . Follow the directions and look for the different tutorials. Darreland melissa have a how too in there blog which is very helpful and so many wonderful people here are willing to help answer any questions.

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Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you've got some wonderful projects going! We'd really love to see pictures of your work. (you may have noticed that we're eye candy junkies) :)

We're glad you found your way here and joined us.


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Hi, David! I would post some pics but I don't quite know how to do that here. I've been trying to sort through the rest of the dollhouse supplies - somethings, I haven't any idea what they're called! But whatever they are, I've got a few of them (smile). I'm hoping to have time to get back to work on the dollhouse this coming weekend. And my goal this week is to get all that stuff listed - and out of here!

Maybe I could ask a question? Should I just toss all the old light system items? I imagine the little lightbulbs are still usable, but all the rest? There are even transformers but I'm guessing they would only work with the old style lights?

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Hi Charlotte,

So glad you joined the forum :lol: And don't throw out those bulbs or transformers - heck I don't throw anything out. I even save broken pieces of things to use in later projects. I'd definitely list the lighting stuff as well - I've seen transformers and bulbs sold in lots and they do sell. Heck I'd even be interrested in the transformers - still trying to get a handle on lighting :lol: Just running my very first tapewire for a fireplace and making my first lamp - if it turns out it will be a dragon wall sconce for my wizards house.

When you get the rest listed you can go down to the "Off Topic" section and under "Trading Post" let everyone know that your items are on ebay - don't post any prices there though just a link to your ebay list :D Or if there is something you don't want to list you can post the item there (just with no prices)

I wish I could help you with posting pictures here. I haven't done much with pictures here yet except to add a photo for my avatar. I know you can upload some directly from your computer or you can go to the gallery section and open a gallery for your houses and projects :lol:

Hope this helps a little,

David :lol:

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