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Transformer lead in wire


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I'm getting ready to order 2 40 watt transformers and I was wondering what the difference is in the lead in wire with just a switch and the lead in wire with a switch and a fuse holder. With my other house's I didn't get a fuse holder. Should I? Does anyone use the one with the fuse holder?

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The fuse is used if your transformer doesn't have a circuit breaker in it. Some cir-kit transformers have circuit breakers. If anything happened that caused a sudden surge in electricity to the transformer, your transformer could be damaged. With a circuit breaker, breaker trips and the transformer is saved (like a breaker in your house). With a fuse, the fuse blows absorbing the jolt of electricity and the transformer is still saved. If you don't have a fuse/breaker for the transformer, you run the risk of damaging the transformer and possibly all kinds of other nasty things (possibly sparks, etc).

To answer your question about getting a fuse holder, it depends. Does the transformer have a breaker in it? If so, you don't need the fuse holder. If it doesn't, you need the fuse holder.

I used both, transformers with breakers in them and lead wires with fuses. It all depends on what you prefer. Transformers with breakers in them are a bit more expensive but worth it for the peace of mind that you don't have to worry about blowing a fuse. The ones without the breaker that need a fuse lead in wire are chepaer (by several dollars) but you have to worry about blowing a fuse and getting a replacement if that happens.

It's a matter of personal preference I guess.


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If your transformers are made by Cir-Kit, the circuit breakers are built in. If you buy the "no-name" (house brand) transformers sold by HBS, you will need the lead-in wires with fuses!


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