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The doctor figured out what's wrong

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I totally agree with you that you should tell every healthcare provider what you are taking in the way of medications..so there are no interactions.

I still feel though that there is a stigma attached even in the medical profession. I cannot tell you how many times a Dr doesnt know what is wrong with you and they drag out the same ole stereotypes...*You are having an anxiety attack.* *Oh maybe you are just depressed.* etc etc. But it has a sting to it when they say it.

Unfortunately for them..I have been well versed and learned in all things Mental Health (long deep family history) and I can usually squash them before they go down that road..nicely though..I do not want to be classified as difficult.

In the beginning of your diagnosis and treatment, you do not know your body. You do not know if those aches and pains are just the depression or something else. As you go along, you will be able to take cues from yourself and be able to weed out what is just a symptom or something else. Depression is not just about being sad. There is a host of physical stuff that can bug you too.

I take Cymbalta too...Great for my Fibro pain..I have had no bad side effects from it.

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I went to the ER via ambulance with anxiety attacks thinking it was my heart.

That's the main reason the doctor tested me first for everything, just to make sure. He knew that everytime I have had a lot of stress I would have chest pains. To calm down I would go and work on my dh's. But for some odd reason I just lost interest in any of my hobbies at the end of last year (around November), that's what really started Greg to worry about me. He always knew I was happy even when I talked about them and I totally stopped everything. So it was his suggestion that I go and see the doctor. At first I wasn't sure if I should but now I'm glad I did. I have only been on this medicine for 1 week but I see at slight improvement already, that is I haven't been hiding in the bedroom crying for no reason. Maybe it is mind over matter at work, I know I'm taking medicine and I WILL get better. Only time will tell for sure.

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