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Haunted Mansion teaser

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I found this house on Craig's List for $15! I think it was handbuilt by someone in the 70's or 80's (the fireplace that came with it weas stamped 1979 on the back).

It is probably the buggest one I have and I knew it was going to be haunted house from the moment I saw it.

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Wow, you made a great start. Love the parlor and fireplace. Hope that you also post a picture of the house in your gallery even when it's not ready, we all know it took a lot of time.

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A Haunted house could be fun,

U can get UV leds and shine them on white, to give a glowing errie look, works well with curtains.

Mini 2 way mirrors, thats slightly black lit to give a creepy face in the mirror

Lots of cool things you could do!

Good start tho :)

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