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We all need to remind our elected representatives that they are employed by the people who elected them to represent all of the citizens of the USA. We need to remind them that every congressman is up for re- election this november and 1/3 of the senate is up for re-election as well.

We need to remind them if they do not do the "people's work" they will be replaced by someone who can.

We as a nation sit on more oil than is under Kuwait...Deep wells in the Gulf of Mexico and in ANWR all that is in contention is an area the size of 2500 acres the size of JFK airport in NY. THere is shale oil under the Dakotas and Montana it can be drilled for and put into the system.

Ethanol takes more energy to produce than it is worth. By taking corn out of the food chain for fuel production, we have increased the price of food across the board.

THe minute the announcement that we are opening locations to oil drilling, the price of oil will drop considerable.

Exxon-Mobil profit amounts to about $0.08 /gallon of gas sold.


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Global climate change is a scientific fact. The debate on whether this is true or one ended in the late 1970's. This is not due to God's wrath or some quirk. It is caused by people, especially the people who live in the country that is 5% of the world's population but uses nearly 80% of it's resources.

No matter how much oil there is and what impact to the environment we are willing to tolerate there is a finite amount of oil and when it is gone it's gone for good. So we can decide if to find alternatives now or wait until every last drop of oil is gone. How about water?

I live by this motto: LIVE SIMPLY SO OTHER CAN JUST LIVE I do everything I can to be conscious about my impact on the plant.

I do not like paying $4.00 a gallon for gas while oil companies report record profits. NOTE: I am sure there are statistics floating around there that make it appear otherwise but it will not make the bottom line any less true. IN addition I am not happy that my local schools are underfunded while the govenment is spending 1 BILLION dollars a week spreading "democracy" to the middle east. Or that my kids and grand kids are going to be paying the national debt. Especially since our government was running in the BLACK before GW came into office. Since I am on a roll, I don't like that people shop at WalMart. Not just becasue WalMart destroys local commerce or they seldom pay local taxes to replace those lost when smaller business fail, they also buy almost everything from China. China is the larges emitter of CO2 on the planet. Much of it use to supply the US with a bunch of crap we could probably easily live without.

I do not usually get on this site to rant about the things I despise but this is not a usual subject here either.

The earth is a living entity with finite resources but the human population continues to grow. As humans are the rulers of all other life we also have the responsibility for stewardship of the planet. Of course it is still just "optional" to conserve so, maybe someone else will do it because apparently it is just to hard to give up having everything now no matter the final cost.

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Electricity can be safely generated partly by SOLAR ENERGY particularly in the SW deserts. Unfortunately they only work by day. i will be putting in SOLAR PANELS of my own this summer. THe electricity I use will more than offset what goes back to the power company during the day.

Nuclear power has worked safelyfor 55+ years. Note the US Navy has not had a nuclear powerplant accident in its history....every submarine and every active aircraft carrier except for one. the major accidents that occurred were in the former Soviet Union...Chernoble

As far as climate change....THe earth is a living breathing changing planer. it gets warmer it gets cooler. In the mid to late 70s the concern was global COOLING as per arrticles in scholarly magazines such as Scientific American. As far as China and India they are the world's worst polluters. Any international treaty should be for ALL nations not just beat on the western world. THe Kyoto treaty is a sham and I would not sign it either.

Solving the planet's problems cannot be solved by creating a government program....it comes from allowing private enterprise to work with the least amount of regulation possible.


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Actually who emits the most CO2 is not really the issue, more important is who consumes the end products of the emissions and more important are they willing to do without said products. By "they" of course I mean we in America.

This is the best chart I could find because it show emissions and breaks them down per capita. So, actually, India does not even begin to compare to the US. As for china, the emissions are high there simply because the US out-sources the emissions, right along with the industries. Very handy too, corporations not having to deal with pesky US emission regulations. It is to bad we will still have to share the same air and water as the rest of the planet.

I personally would not trust American industry and free enterprise to do anything real about reduction emissions because it would also me reducing consumption and citizens indicate LOUDLY that they are willing to do this. As far as the Kyoto treaty, Bush would never sign anything that could cause a lower profit for his friends and cronies. He wouldn't sign it even if it was PERFECT and every other nation agreed to sign it and follow through. Bush is the DECIDER as we are all too aware.

The top graph is from 2004 I think China actually passed the US in Emissions in 2007 but otherwise it is close to accurate as I could find.

The botom graph includes delineations for INCOMES.

My intention is to educated. Arguing with people who have already made up their minds is a waste of time and life is short. I will also stop posting about this now, unless anyone asks a question I can answer.



-------------emissions (tons)--- (tons/capita)

1. United States--- 1,650,020--- 5.61

2. China (mainland)--- 1,366,554--- 1.05

3. Russian Federation---415,951--- 2.89

4. India--- 366,301--- 0.34

5. Japan--- 343,117--- 2.69

6. Germany--- 220,596--- 2.67

7. Canada--- 174,401--- 5.46

8. United Kingdom---160,179--- 2.67

9. Republic of Korea--- 127,007--- 2.64

10. Italy (including San Marino)--- 122,726--- 2.12

11. Mexico--- 119,473--- 1.14

12. South Africa--- 119,203--- 2.68

13. Iran--- 118,259--- 1.76

14. Indonesia 103,170 0.47

15. France (including Monaco) 101,927--- 1.64

16. Brazil ---90,499--- 0.50

17. Spain--- 90,145--- 2.08

18. Ukraine---90,020--- 1.90

19. Australia---89,1254--- .41

20. Saudi Arabia---84,116---3.71(18)

National carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per capita


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Oh, I get it now. Because Bush wouldn't sign the Kyoto treaty, we are now having global warming. Makes sense to me! :lol:

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Home Depot will take the spent lightbulbs to recycle them in an enviro friendly way. I know Canada, or British Columbia atleast is looking at a recycling program for them.

Today I have tried my first green cleaning recipe!! :lol: I made an all purpose spray cleaner.

1/2 t washing soda

2 t borax

drop liquid soap

2 drop essential orange oil

2 cup hot water

mix well in a spray bottle. I used it throughout my kitchen, appliances, cupboards, the grime under the fridge etc and it worked great!

The cleaning I did today I would have used about a half a trigger bottle of lysol orange and a roll of paper towels. Instead I made a cleanser for less than 10 cents and used a dishcloth and rinsed it in clear water. Saved a tree and a bunch of money right there. I am sold and as I use up my other cleaning supplies I will try more green recipes. Tomorrow will be the hard water scale in the bathroom...that will be a good test!

Thank you Lumberjack for the recipe, I've been trying one using vinegar and water mixed with a little dish soap and though it does ok, it doesn't do quite as well as a all purpose cleaner. If you have found any more recipes that work, please share. I'd be interested.

I use to watch a show (can't remember the name of it) but it had 2 English ladies go in and clean your house and they gave wonderful hints on cleaning with everyday products but changed the time of the show to when I'm at work and I've lost the notes I wrote down.

What is the difference in washing soda and regular baking soda?

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Nobody's Life Liberty or Property is safe while the legislature is in session.


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Washing soda is VERY different from baking soda. You will find WS in the laundry aisle. I had previously used it as a diaper soak to whiten and brighten cloth diapers!

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