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Suggestions for the Greenleaf Blog

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Many of you may have notice that Greenleaf has been maintaining a blog outside the forum. We all know that the Community Blog area of our forum is a fantastic place for hosting your blog; the traffic is great, no membership is needed to read posts, it's integrated with the hottest dollhouse forum on the Internet and the price is right. So why post a blog out in the wilds of the Internet where we're just a needle in a hay stack? Well, I've been asking myself that very question! There have been just a couple of comments at the blog since I started in NOV 07, so I decided to use RSS feed from Dollhouse-Kits.com to populate this area of the forum. Please feel free to discuss the post in the topics below.

If you haven't had a chance to visit our blog, it's worth a quick look. I started importing forum topic and the latest posts from our members blogs in the column on the right hoping to increase our exposure. I also added a text to speech do-dad that will read the post to you or you can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the blog itself, I'd love to hear them. You can either post in this topic or contact me personally at my Mini Man account.



AKA Mini Man

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I played with the text to speech function, I have not found where to subscribe to a podcast yet. I had once considered starting one on Itunes since I have some software called garage band that helps me make some pretty good ones add music and fade it behind speech, but had never done any more then think about it. I would like to listen to some while taking the bus job hunting.


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