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Hello! I'm new here!

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Hi! I just joined this forum. I belong to 2 dollhouse communities on LiveJournal but I needed more discussions/pictures!

I'm 25 and I live in Maryland (Eastern shore) although I am a native of Upstate NY. I always loved dollhouses and I have 6 at my house now and 1 thats still in my parents basement. Its kind of large so its difficult to move it. I LOVE making dollhouses with different themes:

I have a haunted house, Santa Claus's house, a 'trailer trash' house (complete with Nascar memoribilia, beer cans, and Christmas lights on the outside that never come down) and a log cabin and a couple regular houses. I'd like to post some pics of them but when i go to that sections it tells me that an administrator has not "enabled my permissions" for a gallery whatever that means. . .

anyways-here I am!!!!

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hi welcome erin :o make sure you post so you can put up your pics cant wait to see them. I have to get some pics up too just need a new card for the camera lol lots of luck getting settled here everyone is helpful and friendly :p

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Hi Erin and welcome. Just two post to go and you can make your own photoalbum. I'm looking forward to the photo's of your dollhouses, sounds great to me.

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Welcome to the "little" family, Erin. I like the idea of "themed" dollhouses. My kits speak to me so that if I don't build what they want I have more trouble than it's worth!

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