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Hello everyone!!!,

I just wanted to post a quick note and let you know I am still "kicking" (well bareley). As many of you know I live in Galveston Texas and the business here is TOURESTS. Well "the season" has started and boy it has come in with a BANG. We are SWAMPED. The gas prices are sending folks from Houston to closer destinations and we are 50 miles from Houston. Spring break got it all started and this is going to be one busy summer! The Hotel I work at (a BIG place) is almost completly booked untill Labor Day. I am not complaining, I know with the way things are in the country I should be happy to have more than enough work. That said I have just worked more OT in the last 2 weeks than in the past year! OT is great (I am sure the goverment can use the extra cash--LOL) but at the tender age of 47 it really wipes me out. I will live and all will go back to normal in a few months but I will be not be able to enjoy the forum like I have over the winter.

A few of you have droped me a note and wondered what happened to me; Thank You. I am still trying to steel a little time each day at lunch and read some of the forum. I am not posting because I have no idea when I will get back and be able to read the topics. In any case, I am OK and working hard. The thing about Maintenance is; when it is slow there is no presure on the equipment and you have very few problems, when everything is nutts and there are 1200 people seated in the ballroom waiting to be served a Easter banquet---WHAMMO!!! You get the idea.

The folks on this board have become friends of mine and I miss you. Please don't completely forget me, if a huricane don't get me (the season for that starts next month--LOL), I will be back to my old self, posting away and fishing for new ideas soon.


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Can I mention again that I LOVE Galveston?

I know the feeling of Tourist season starting. We live between the Chesapeake Bay and Ocean City, Maryland...which is one of the hot tourist spots for the city dwellers on the other side of the Bay. Summer, for us, can be a pain. If you need to cross Route 50, it's a major battle to get across...the stop lights let about 1 to 2 cars through at a time (they set them that way for the summer), while the beach traffic gets about 6 minutes at a time....so you end up sitting at the stop light for 15-20 mins at a time.

Luckily, our house and jobs do not require us to make the crossing! And the new Target is on our side of Route 50, too...no more crossing Route 50 to get to Wal-Mart.

My husband's job at the country club can be a horror in the summer...he's the Chef and there are non-stop parties, weddings, luncheons, dinners, etc...once the weather warms up, his busy season starts.

As much as I hate cold weather, it's always a relief to see it come...it means peace and quiet.

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Just a fast Thank You to all who understand!! When i moved to Galveston I was told about "island time" This is supost to be that "laid back" get to it tomorrow additude--LOL I must not have the hang of it--LOL I keep telling them we call that LAZY where I come from--LOL

It will all calm down! Thanks again for all the kind words and I will keep checking in to read what is going on. I have still got one more segment to the stone making article to get finished up. ahhhhhh SUMMER, Like Sally said, My wife and I can't wait till fall!--LOL


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Tourists stop Tourists always

Tourisis go asking "Why"

Tourists moving only wish

awfully slow they'd say "Goodbye"

Tourists stop Think this place

Tourists stare belongs to me

Tourists standing only here

everywhere for me to see

Tourists trucks best be ready

Tourists cars here's the reason

Tourists bucks we're headed sraight for

for candy bars "Tourists Season"!!!!!

Kevin! (nice hat)

No Hurricanes here, just waiting for that "Super-Volcanoe"!

Jeff in Jackson Hole!


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