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Iam the only one with my kids as well and there are 3 of them and 1 of me. Grantit my kids range from 13 to 6 they knew at 2 to repect people's property and not to touch valuable things without permission! My kids dont mess with my things they know better! Iam a bit on the STRICT side but not overly. I think you should talk to your sister about him and what he does to your things and show her what he broke!! As for the dog goes Iam glad he is ok and didnt get stuck to things he would look pretty funny stuck to something lol.

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Well, we're clearly living in different times where parents seem like they're either afraid or just plain too lazy to discipline their kids. Of course, the government doesn't help matters much, comparing disciplining your kids to 'child abuse'.

I'm not that old, but I still believe that parents shouldn't be their kids' "friends". A parent's job is to provide direction and part of that comes with the unpleasant job of disciplining. Nobody LIKES to have to discipline their kids, but it's very necessary. Otherwise, you have more of what we have today, kids doing whatever the heck they want to do with no fear or respect for authority.

I don't advocate abusing children...but I don't think there is anything wrong with kids having a reasonable sense of fear, so that they know before they do something wrong what the consequences will be.

*stepping off my soap box*

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