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What are you up to today? This week?

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I started laying pavers in our front yard yesterday. My DW doesn't like walking in the grass from the car to the front steps, so we're getting about a dozen pavers that look like cobblestone, each pa

Today I am celebrating a bit as I have been offered a new job (still principal but in a different town/municipality) which I have accepted. Same driving distance just the opposite direction, a few per

SHE's HERE!!!      Little Junia Rosalie was born on her daddy's birthday- Friday, June 9 weighing in at 7lbs 15oz and 21.5 inches long!  She's beautiful and we are SO excited for our first gran

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A couple of years ago when we replaced all of the house windows we had bay windows installed in two of our upstairs bedrooms. (Think window seats.) The one in our daughter's room failed last fall and the bottom rotted out. We reported it back in Nov and our weather was fairly decent through most of Dec. Since it was a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer is replacing it. Today the installers are here. The outside temp is 17 degrees and we have two to three feet of snow around the house on our up hill side. I hope they finish up soon, it is really cold!

I think I will make Heidii's chop suey for dinner tonight.

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My grandson and I started a quilting frame last night. He supervised and I sawed and glued. We had a pretty good time! Hopefully we can finish the frame tonite, if I can find my bamboo skewers. He's really interested in what I'm doing and we have some pretty good conversations for a 4 yr old!

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I'm glad our paddling club meeting was fun & interesting, because apparently the restaurant we meet in has changed hands and the waiter we had apparently no habe mucho ingles; I ordered a shrimp quesadilla, which comes with a guacamole salad, and what I got was a mushroom quesadilla. No salad. When I asked him why I didn't get what I ordered he repeated that I had told him a mushroom quesadilla; I guess I'm back to ordering en espanol again... I was lucky that DH dislikes guacamole, I got the salad that came with his dinner.

Today is STILL cold! but tomorrow's forecast is supposed to hit 70 and we're going hiking with friends up in the morning. We got a look as DS' house yesterday, you would not beliive the condition it's in! DH told DS that if he ever hears from his former roomie, to advise him he owes us over US$700...

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Forgot to eat breakfast so far. Been busy working on mini projects - painting part of the dh, staining the pieces of the bookshelves for the library, making another set of curtains, trying to finish up a loveseat and sofa. Just noticed that my stomach is talking to me, so I guess that I had better go eat something. :)

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:):D Today is MOVING DAY! :(:banana:

yup thats right the kids are leaving TODAY!

they have been here since Sept and I am SOOOOO glad to see them GO

is that bad???

I wanna Dance and SING!

they found a cute little house down around the corner from us...a nice walk for them and me for VISITS!

Their landlord is an old friend of mine but I havent spoken to her and she hasnt come by to see me so I wont have to lie to her...because I have already lied 2 times before to get them in a place and I refuse to do it again!

I told them this...pissed them off but not my problem...so they gave her Deans number...he has no problem telling her anything to get them out of our house....but she hasnt called so I think she knows

and I also think she knows that I need them OUT of my house...she has a son my sons age and the 2 are alot alike.

after they are gone I am redoing their room into an excersize room and do some real cleaning to start the big purge of our home of 18 yrs.

will have to go job hunting again starting monday

but the weekend is going to be soooo quiet! :banana:

nutti :wave:

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I agree Nutti, it isn't bad to feel that way, sometimes you just need your space.

I did some knitting! Her hair was all falling out (think she's about 15 years old), so I knitted (knit?) a little hat for her.


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Well, had to work half day. then i went to walmart for a few things. i had intended to accomplish a few things this afternoon but spent the time watching "the first 48"....can't believe it's 7 pm now!

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So, today I start with my monthly doctor appt. & then home to continue with my early spring house cleaning ! :) I guess I'm a hoarder, but I finally made the step to get rid of tons of stuff ! I have been using that Freecycle site & have been moving a lot of things out. This is making DW so happy she can't stand it !!

Steve in PA

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Did I miss something? What happened to your job?

on Jan 5th they called the last 45 of who was hired into a big meeting and layed us all off.

not that I was suprised...I figured we all got hired for the Christmas season....I wasnt as upset as some were but it did take the wind out of my sails!

one good thing is I worked there long enough to draw my unemployment for awhile. so Thats what Im going to do...watch granbabies and put myself on a daily excersize program until those last 15 lbs are gone for good.

and start purging this HOUSE....

I was premature about the moving dance...its happening today...the floors werent dry from the new varnish :(

Dean has also told me as long as i keep my unemployment going I can work on a dollhouse :p

I am sooo eager to get the MHM into a "finished" state.

nutti :D

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We finally got to meet a paddlling club member today we haven't seen since we joined, he has been caring for his elderly momma and for the past 10 years he hasn't been able to go hiking or paddling or anything. Now a church near him offers respite care for six hours every Friday (except not "fifth" Firdays in a month) so a bunch of us who were able to play on Friday got together this AM and all went hiking the Lines Tract Trails down to Lake Talquin & back. The weather was gorgeous and less than halfway there the warm front arrived with a vengeance & we were shedding layers! We're already planning to do it again next month, our new friend enjoyed himself SO much!

I have painted all the TT's window frames and installed the screens and panes and have the veneer supports drying (anyone notice that on the schematics BOTH veneer sheets are labelled "Front"?). I have finished the priming of the basic shell and when the veneer and roof go on I can spackle, sand & paint the ouside. I disassembled the two Michael's hutches I'll be using.

I'm separating yellow embroidery floss into single strands and winding it into balls for my next project.

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I finally got my medication!! I went yesterday to pick it up and Rite Aid said it was still on back order. It had been going on two weeks and I was completely out of it. They told me it could be another week. So I took my script and went to CVS today at 9am. At noon it was filled.

Now I am as chipper as a squirrel! ROFL I do not think there will be much sleeping for me tonite unless Fred hits me over the head with a cast iron fry pan. I will try though. I want to work on the LE but I know if I start, I will be up all night doing it and there is nobody to talk to at that hour.

I made country ribs for dinner (they were on sale) with baked beans and brown bread. There are leftovers for Fred to take to work tomorrow.

It warmed up quite a bit today and some of the snow is gone but not all of it. Not going to get used to it though..going to get cold again.

Helped Chelsea file her taxes tonite. First time for her. She gets back all that she put into federal.

I have to wait until next week to get our w-2s from the hospital. They always wait until the last minute. When I was doing Chelsea`s, they are offering a $500 tax credit to people who got the stimulus check. I do not know much about what it is or how much you had to have gotten. She didnt get one so that part wasnt in her forms. They are also offering a kiddie tax break to full time students between ages of 19-25 (i think is the age spread). I never saw that before.

Going to go and try to ignore the Arthur.

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I am sitting here marinating. When my hair was shorter it was in the summertime and it was more red. Now that it has grown out (my hair grows fast) past my shoulders, I have the two tone look. I also found a few gray hairs and I think I am not ready to sport those just yet.

So I am sitting here with hair color on my head with my old house shirt on. Hope nobody shows up! LOL

Nat has a friend coming over to work on a school project and to stay over night. She is a funny girl and we have known her since they were in middle school together. We keep telling her she needs to become a comedian! She knows our lived in look but I am just sprucing up a bit so they can spread out and relax in the living room today and tonite. I think dinner will be pizza take out. I want to work on the Arthur later and do not want to let any Betty Crocker duties to get in the way.

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Today I am going to start cleaning and reorganizing my work room. DS told me that he should be home for a visit in mid February so I figured I should start now. Poor boy has to have somewhere to sleep. DH gave me his screw/washer/brad organizer as he doesn't use it any longer. :banana: I do not know what it is really called but it is metal and has 20 little pull out drawers. I found a bag of washers that would work great for mini stove burners. Yeah, I kept those.. ;) I am going to apply new lables for the drawers and use them for my mini food assortments. As it stands right now, they are in baggies everywhere. So I guess I need to get off the computer and get busy. :)

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I have my quilting stand nearly done and want to print off a quilt to put on it sometime today. But first to the antique mall to pay my booth rent and then to Sam's to stock up on stuff for this bunch to eat, paper supplies, etc.

I also have an idea for a ceiling lite for my pantry I want to try...but that means going in the kid's room to dig things out...my toys are slowing working their way into DH's office cabinets. Hope he doesn't open those unused ones and discover what's taking over his 'man cave'!

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Chris asked me to marry him last night :yes: Our 6 year anniversary is monday, but he asked me the friday before to surprise me more!

Came home from work and there was a curtain across the hallway. There was a little elephant (love elephants) holding a note that said something like pick a dress and freshen up for dinner and only come past the curtain when you're ready. There were some dresses out for me to choose from (though he did say i could pick another outfit if i wanted) I knew he was making mexican and he's done a sweet romantic meal for me before when we've had mexican (we both like it and he can cook it!)

Then he said i could come past and he was in the (candlelit) kitchen all dressed up in his suit with a bow tie and candles on the table and a big bunch of flowers. He said his little speach thing and went down on one knee with the ring and asked... said yes straight away of course :D

So this weekend I'm looking at dress pics online, looking for wedding venues, etc :D And being happy :cloud9: Wedding is only spring-summer 2010 so got time to save :p

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I started doing a 1/4 scale house for my daughter's birthday. She is all grown up but has gone with me to several shows and tolerates my mini madness. The kit is a bungalow called the Washington Heights and she adores bungalows and appropriate kind of furniture. I got the floors laid this afternoon and just waiting for them to dry.

We have purchased rl pieces of that style over the years for her. Now I will have to also build some for her as what I have found in 1/4 scale so far is way too cutsie for her little miniature. If any one knows of Stickley style furniture in 1/4 th scale I would appreciate knowing about it. I did find a dining room set but the bungalow is far to small for the set.

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