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Did you miss last months copy of the Greenleaf Gazette? No worries, you can view our past newsletters online! Don't miss out on the great articles and cutting edge tutorials that keeps miniaturists informed and up to date every month! Special thanks to our Editor in Chief, Deb Roberts of Debs Minis. If you're interested in submitting an article for use in our Gazette, please contact Deb with your ideas.

For those of you who are having trouble receive our newsletter, please check your spam filter and add newsletter@greenleafdollhouses.com to your safe list. I would also suggest that you check your info registered with the newsletter by going to the Greenleaf home page and putting your email address in the newsletter sign-up box. If you are already subscribed (all forum members should be*), a screen will open stating that your are already a member of the Greenleaf Dollhouses mailing list and will provide info for updating your profile. Unfortunately, some members have had problems receiving the newsletter because their ISP blocks the IP addresses of our newsletter mail server in which case you can still access all the great information by clicking on the newsletters below.

* IMPORTANT: If you update your email address at the forum, you need to manually change your email address for the newsletter by following the procedure mentioned above.

March 2008


February 2008


January 2008


December 2007


November 2007


October 2007


September 2007


August 2007


July 2007


June 2007


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Dean, thank you! I love being able to see all of the past issues in one place like this. Thank you also to Deb and all of the wonderful contributors of the newsletter. It is a priceless resource for us!

Also, on behalf of Hope (pet of the month :) ) thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! She is taking it all in stride right now, being a cool cat and all, but I'm sure she will more than make up for that lack of excitement when she gets a new catnip mouse! We have also been considering fountain type water bowls lately - what great timing! You could have knocked me over when I saw her picture in the newsletter!

Really, for all that you do - THANK YOU! This is such an amazingly wonderful (and rare) community. I know that you and lots of people behind the scenes work hard to make it so enjoyable for us!

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