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saloon plans?


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Walls: http://www.miniatures.com/hbs/global/Index....asp&P=9671

Windows: http://www.miniatures.com/hbs/global/Index...asp&P=50610

Door: http://www.miniatures.com/hbs/global/Index....asp&P=6029

Railing: http://www.miniatures.com/hbs/global/Index...PRODUCTSKU=7501

Shingles: http://www.miniatures.com/hbs/global/Index....asp&P=0038

All other parts shown could easily be done with a sheet of balsa wood and some strip wood. As for the actual wall and floor I would suggest 2 pieces of some sturdy wood you could also make the windows into picture frames or just put pictures of the inside of a saloon behind them. Everything should be painted with a gray wash for that weathered wood look. you could also put a water collection barrel on the corner of the porch roof and use a painted drinking straw as a downspout.

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Jefery has what i pictured down to a tee. One more thing though, on one of the two windows at the top you could put, his name or grampa etc. On the other side, you could put saloon. :p just a thought.

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