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Wallpaper Height Rule Of Thumb?

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Look at pictures of real houses, there's no absolute hard & fast rule. Corwin's suggestion is a good one, your plate rail needs to be at least the diameter of a scale dinner plate below any ceiling trim and the chairrail was traditionally any height to protect the expensive, often handpainted wallpaper from being ruined by tipping chairs back.

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Holly summed it up well.

I like wainscot 2 7/8 to 3 1/4 inches from floor for my houses.

Also consider the heights of your ceilings, the furniture in the room, the crown moulding trim you will be using, and even the heights of your windows from the floor. Any placement could change from room to room and house to house. Play with the inches and see what appeals to you -- that's the important thing here. :p


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